Bell Xpress

Bell Xpress converts ideas into reality. Through an intense product development followed by a focused marketing and selling process, we have ensured that customers all over the world demand and buy our products. This is why Bell Xpress above all is a company with a stern focus on the global market.


Now Bell Xpress is an innovative player in the Hospitality market, bringing JACOB JENSEN products to rooms worldwide. The partnership with the JACOB JENSEN brand has ensured a range of telephones made to and for the Hospitality market, and together with Bittel Group the quality and compliance is certified. We are proud of our product range, and we know that our customers appreciate the high value of the products - they cherish them and they always want them to last forever.


Our corporate identity

We challenge ourselves and aim to create premium quality in every task. Every member of the Bell Xpress team is committed towards the company values and takes pride in the work we do together.

Our corporate values

Quality and competence
Corporate decency

Our Vision

We can make a difference.

We strive to accomplish this by being dedicated to:

- Develop state of art life style products that catch the eye, the mind and the heart of our customers.

- Go the extra mile by focusing on the needs of our partners and customers and always strive to exceed their expectations.

- Treat our partners and customers with respect and honesty where long-term partnerships give benefit to all parties involved.

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